Content is the atomic particle of
all marketing on the web!

In the era of information overload, you don't just need to create a great content. You also need to put it in front of right audience to take your business to next level. Remember, It's not the best content that wins, It is the best promoted content!

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Awesome content

Contezy works with many mid-sized and enterprise customers to create awesome content. We create every type of content!

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Get it Promoted

Promoting content to the right audience is the key! And that's where we do our magic with our exlusive & unique strategies!

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Get Rewarded!

Any awesome content be it a video, audio, image or text, if reaches to the right audience, it does the wonder!

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How contezy works

We work with mid-sized and enterprise businesses. We have generated leads and sales for many b2b and b2c customers using our unique strategies!

100% Exclusive

We don't work with multiple customers from single market.

fast support

Obviously, You can't rely on someone who is unpredictable.

You're protected

We happily sign NDA to protect client's privacy and strategies.

ROI Focused

We make sure that you get returns on your content marketing investment.


We focus to reach multiple mediums to promote content not just one.


We have already done it for many customers to acheive results they want.

Our Content Marketing Solutions.

Only "Content is Supreme!"

You work hard, spending countless hours to create outstanding content for your blog or business website. It is pointless if you don't get the credit you deserve for your content after all these efforts. Contezy's content promotion solutions are there to help your content get the awareness it deserves. Here is what Contezy can do for you.

Content development

We create content of every kind. It can be anything from an article to a video, an infographics, music and more!

Content research

A good content starts with a good topic. No matter what you have to say, none will hear if you're not using right title!

Online Branding

Show your expertise with your content and impress your online customers. Well! That's what content marketing does!

Lead Generation

Get new customers using your content. We have helped many businesses generate leads and sales for their business.

Reach Audience

Get readers on your blogs or followers on your social networks to reach whole new loyal audience for your business.

Content Marketing

We outreach influencers in your niche to get your content linked, shared or promoted in every possible way.

Content Brings Audience & Customers

As a content marketer, your goal is to always write content that pleases your readers and keeps them coming. You also want better visibility and a stronger readership for that content. The idea of Contezy is to help content marketers put their content in front of the right people through a our exclusive strategies. This way it can get shared/linked easily, quickly, and almost automatically.


Any marketing campaign doesn't work on "One size fit all" formulae, It requires research.


After throughout research, we create a tailormade campaign ideas for our clients.


Our client approves the idea and then we begin with the campaign by creating content.


Once content reach the right audience & the message is delivered, it acheives true success.


Years of Total Experience


Campaigns completed!


Exclusive audience per month


Agency Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge Base

Have a question about our services? Feel free to go through our FAQs below. If you don't find your question answered here, feel free to contact us using information below.

Content marketing is a way of marketing by promoting your content on the web and making it available to as many consumers (readers, listeners or watchers, depending on the content) as possible. In simple words, content marketing is a way to improve the exposure and visibility of your content on the internet.

There was a time when the internet was small and it was easy to get attention for your content. Nowadays, the web is growing quickly. In most cases, when you publish a blog post, you can't sit back and expect readers to come to your article. To build readership for your blog or acquire new customers for your business, you don't just need outstanding content; you also need to make efforts to put that content in front of as many people as possible.

We create custom packages depending on client's goal. So it depends! If you want to reach large audience, then it may take us months to acheive that and may require bigger package. If you simply want to market a small piece of content, then that doesn't require a huge budget.

Content isn't just an article or piece of news. A video or an audio clip is an example of content. We sometime go beyond this defination and create important tools/products and market them as content too!

There are so many ways to promote content and it doesn't fit in single formulae. So content marketing campaign may vary according to target market, target medium and actual goal. For instance, if a customer wants to reach social media, then we have an access to some exclusive media channels to acheive that! But then there are some customers who wants to market content for SEO benefits and strategies for them are completely different.

Yes and we prefer it that way only. Often we don't involve in promoting content that we feel appropriate. We know it very well that what kind of content performs the best so we usually ask clients to let us create content for them!

It depends on channels you target. Often content promoted on social media get huge attention but it fades away easily too. On the other hand content marketed with a sole goal for SEO may deliver a long lasting results where clients may not see visitors immidiately but once they do, they keep coming for a long long period.

For any question or comments regarding our service, we request clients to reach directly. Typically when client requires a service, we usually provide initial quote. If client approves it, we provide a profoma invoice to get started. After initial payment, we get started with the campaign.

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